The Swell Pubic Hair Trimmer

by Mutant Sperm Quartet




"The swell pubic hair trimmer" es la consagración de Mutant Sperm Quartet en un estilo propio, que flota entre las turbulentas aguas del math-core y los sucios charcos del rock más salvaje e irreverente cuyas bases se sentaron en los ´70. Influenciado por diversos estilos musicales que van desde el metal extremo hasta el nu-jazz, pasando por el noise y la mezcla de ritmos étnicos, el nuevo trabajo de esta máquina apocalíptica y desestructurada consta de cinco temas sin concesiones que transgreden las normas de composición y vulneran los principios de cualquier cosa anteriormente establecida. La obra es un recorrido lineal que empieza por fundir la noche en "Where the sun takes the night off", para seguir con piezas cargadas de amor y odio como "The swell revenge" o "Put the blame on you", pasando por "Empty souls with empty eyes" donde la intención que subyace es la de insultar y homenajear al mismo tiempo a los herejes que alguna vez se atrevieron a mezclar cosas prohibidas, como también la versión de "Spin de black circle" rinde tributo a una época autodestructiva cargada de dramatismo y belleza.

Ante toda esta falta de luz nace "The swell pubic hair trimmer", un peculiar artefacto creado por Mutant Sperm Quartet para aportar un nuevo concepto de caos y cambiar el frío negro de la oscuridad reinante en estos tiempos por los 37 grados de los fluidos corporales, con la intención de ayudar a quien se deje a poner en orden sus prioridades.

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released June 21, 2012




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mutantsperm Palma Del Río, Spain

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Track Name: When the sun takes the night off
Emptiness, I felt full of emptiness,
under your sun and moon,
your speech eyes that brought me
to my forgotten roots anchored on freedom.
Wet dreams of wilderness and rain,
enclosed to strong trees and crazy friends
bathed on wine,
bathed on hot springs.
Stars inspire reverence, they are always present
I drunk from your clear water that runs through your cold and wild veins,
cutting your green body from your feet laid on the golden state to your
black heart hidden of the sunshine.
Track Name: The swell revenge
Say I’m your pleasure, and all was lie, was lie
But I’m a brave man, and all is right, all right
Now I watch your eyes
Sunk into darkness
Missing what you lost
You’re downhearted
Say I’m your pleasure, and all was lie, was lie
But I’m a brave man, and all is right, all right
Didn’t get carried away
Never forsaken, again
Track Name: Empty souls with empty eyes

Slip the self on sharpened edges
Undoing snarls of empty lives
Harmonized lights on closest nights
Hidden in deepest darkness
Empty souls sense beforehand calamity
Empty eyes sense beforehand hatred
Black souls dig tears labyrinth
White eyes cover it from desperation
Of empty souls with empty eyes
Everlasting words leak out empty heads
And come out desperation
Track Name: Put the blame on you
No guilt, take your recompense
Endless under hell
Wake up, don’t fall on conceit
Feel proud of roots and don’t regret
In this world the true and false, certainly you can clarify, but the happiness only the noaction
can preserve it.
Sky doesn’t work, and from it you have purity, the land doesn’t work, and from it you
have limitless calm
Don´t get you tied up, by mundane customs, by earthly shadows
Give up from temporary, creature comforts, life comedienne
Walk around heaven and earth
Mind thoughts, lies
Modest heart, a vast soul
Disdain the outer, inside!!!!!!
Track Name: Spin the black circle
See this needle...a see my hand...
Drop, drop, dropping it down...oh, so gently...
Well here it comes...i touch the plane...
Turn me up...won't turn you away...
Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...spin the black, spin the black...
Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...whoa...
Pull it out...a paper sleeve...
Oh, my joy...only you deserve conceit...
I'm so big...a-my whole world...
I'd rather you...rather you...than her...
Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...spin the black, spin the black...
Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...whoa...oh...
You're so warm...oh, the ritual...when i lay down your crooked arm...
Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...spin the black, spin the black...
Spin, spin...spin the black circle
Spin, spin...
Spin the black circle
Spin the black circle...
Spin, spin...
Spin, spin...
Track Name: Walk with dante in hell
Broke the deep lethargy within my head
A heavy thunder, so that I upstarted,
Like to a person who by force is wakened;
And round about I moved my rested eyes,
Uprisen erect, and steadfastly I gazed,
To recognise the place wherein I was.
True is it, that upon the verge I found me
Of the abysmal valley dolorous,
That gathers thunder of infinite ululations.
Obscure, profound it was, and nebulous,
So that by fixing on its depths my sight
Nothing whatever I discerned therein.
That is the lowest region and the darkest,
And farthest from the heaven which circles all.
Well know I the way; therefore be reassured.
This fen, which a prodigious stench exhales,
Encompasses about the city dolent,
Where now we cannot enter without anger."
And more he said, but not in mind I have it;
Because mine eye had altogether drawn me
Tow'rds the high tower with the red-flaming summit,
Where in a moment saw I swift uprisen
The three infernal Furies stained with blood,
Who had the limbs of women and their mien,
And with the greenest hydras were begirt;
Small serpents and cerastes were their tresses,
Wherewith their horrid temples were entwined.